How Does Google Work? A Really Simple Explanation

7 Nov

How does Google work?  Is the top of the search page the best?  Here’s some help.

Google has a Googlebot (think of a spider crawling on the internet web) that asks web servers to send their pages.  It puts these pages in a database.

Then Google needs to rank the pages in order of importance.  They do not rank by information or accuracy.  Instead Google has a complex formula that looks at how many web sites link to a certain page and how many times the web site is searched.  If the world wide web sees a page frequently then Google thinks its important.  “PageRank” is the value Google assigns to a webpage and it determines where a webpage shows up on your search.  It may be the first entry or the twenty-first entry depending on its PageRank.

When you hit “I’m Feeling Lucky,” you don’t get the best informational page, just the most popular.  And the most popular may be too superficial for your needs.

For more information on how Google works, try these references:

Google Guide’s Explanation (Not associated with Google)
HowStuffWorks’s Explanation

And, my personal favorite, direct from Google:
PigeonRank (hahahahaha!)

Happy, safe surfing!


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