The Assassin’s Curse (Strange Chemistry) by Cassandra Rose Clarke

13 Nov

The Assassin’s Curse (Strange Chemistry) by Cassandra Rose Clarke
(via NetGalley)

This is an odd book.  Extremely readable in the sense that there is good conversation and a moving story line.  There’s magic and other worldly beings.  And, it’s not readable when the characters hide information from the reader, speak in odd cant occassionally and generally don’t act the right age.

I found Ananna to be irritating. Initially she makes the decision to abandon her home life on the spur decision of her impending marriage – which she had little choice in.  I actually like how that was handled, but her speech patterns go from normal to young to normal again.   Ananna deals maturely with the results of her hasty departure, but rather than get emotions from her, we tend to get irritations.  Then she is dealing with the Assassin and saves his life.  I don’t recall how long before he lets her know that he is cursed to protect her.  But he is.  Instead, he makes statements about protecting her and she goes along with it.  Really?

At one point, I had to flip back in the book to see how old Ananna was supposed to be.  She wavered in the age so much that I was surprised to find her expected to be 17.  Overall, the book doesn’t make me wish for another.  Maybe another rewrite.  I would watch for this author again, because I think the writing will improve.  Parts of it were very engaging.


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