Summer Reads: A Plaque Year by Edward Bloor

17 Nov

A Plague Year

A Plague Year by Edward Bloor

Published: 2011

One of my favorite “boy” books is Tangerine written by Edward Bloor.  In it, he creates a situation that is real and conversations and people that you know.  I highly recommend it.  But now, he’s taken on a subject that needs to be brought out in the open to our teens, even if we’re not ready for it.  Meth.

In A Plague Year, Mr. Bloor recounts in a fictional manner the year that Bradford County had the highest rate of methamphetamine-related treatment admissions in 2002.  Tom’s in 9th grade and studying to find a way out of his small town.  His family is doing well since his dad manages the local Food Lion.  They aren’t far from where the United Flight #93 went down on September 11th.  Slowly but surely Tom finds his town being taken over by zombies – meth zombies.  He’s trying to deal with his life, his friends, his classes, his sister, his relatives and the wave of despair in the town.

This book moves along, bringing back memories and addressing a problem that is still prevalent today.  It is something that I recommend most students read.

Recommended 7th grade and up.


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