The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

25 Nov

The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

Copyright 2012

Jasper Fforde has written two other series I’ve read: Thursday Next and the Nursery Crimes.  I have always contended that the Nursery Crime books were actually intended for middle school students instead of adults – its just the right sort of humor.

This time, Fforde has moved officially into the youth market with a new series, Chronicles of Kazam.  Jennifer Strange is 16, or will be in two weeks, and runs Kazam Mystical Arts Management, an employment agency for magicians.  Of course magic isn’t the same anymore.  Everyday there is less and less magic.  Magic carpets are reduced to pizza delivery.  But something changes.  There is a rumor that the last dragon will be slain.  Pragmatic Jennifer, lost in a bin of crazy acquaintances, magicians, and monarchs, plods along to her own destiny.  Who is the dragonslayer?  And why is magic suddenly building throughout the land?  And what exactly is a Transient Moose?

For some of the answers and many more questions, you’ll just have to read the book yourself.

Recommended for 6th grade and up.


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