Elemental The First by Alexandra May

9 Dec
by Alexandra May

by Alexandra May

Elemental The First (The Primord Series) by Alexandra May

(via NetGalley)  Published March 21, 2012

Let me offer an obvious English lesson.  You do not number a single occurrence of something.  You only number it (1, 2, 3… or first, second, third…) when there is more than one.  That’s your clue that the book does not nicely tie up all of the loose ends on the last page.  However, the promise of more books is a positive note here.

Rose is just about to turn 16.  She’s always moved towns for her dad’s business, but now they want her dad in the Middle East and Rose needs to stay with her grandmother in a small town.  Rose has a secret too.  She can heal.  It’s okay because her grandmother knows about the secret, but she shouldn’t tell anyone.  It’s a very small town.  Now adults are going missing.  The teens are worried and Rose finds herself with two incredibly looking guys looking at her.  Rose is also dreaming about  Halika Dacome, a myth of the town that’s known for ghost lights and odd happenings.

What happens when Rose discovers the “truth” about the town and her dreams.  Who is really helping her and who is trying to stop her?  And, what is she?

This is a fun, fast read though frustrating at the end of the FIRST book.  I look forward to the next!

Recommended: Grades 7 and up.


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