New Rules Start January 7, 2013

18 Dec
Reading Chart

Reading Chart

Students & Parents –

In general, all students start with the ability to check out up to 2 books at a time.  Books are due in 2 weeks.  Late fees are $0.05 per school day per book. There are no fees for weekends or holidays.

This is a reminder that the new rules go into effective on your first day back after the holidays:

1) If you have a lost book or owe money at ANY school, you cannot check out books at Woodland MS.  (Books lost or not returned in Elementary School stay on the student’s records.)

2) If you owe fines that are between $0.50 and $1, you may check out one book only.

3) If you owe fines over $1, you may not check out books.

The student, and ONLY the student, is responsible for returning books.  No pass is needed to drop off a book.  The Media Center opens 30 minutes before school starts and stays open 30 minutes after school is over.

In January, look for a new program called Swap Books that will help students read more while working on their personal responsibilities.


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