Little Women in India by Jane Nartin

6 Jan

Little Women in India by Jane Nartin

(Via NetGalley, release Sept. 2012)

I read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women when I was younger and loved Jo and all her sisters. (Yes, I identified with Jo!)  This book is not the story of Little Women transformed to India.  It’s a completely different story.

The May sisters are English daughters of a company man in British-controlled India in 1857.   Catherine, Jane, Elizabeth and Fanny May are caught in a mutiny of the Indian workers over the company.  They have different personalities than I remember the Alcott’s version.  I like Fanny who is sanctimonious and superior in her personal sacrifices.  The girls are transformed by the events going from their English privileged lifestyles with Indian servants, to workers in an Indian village just trying to survive.  They speak Hindu, learn to care for others and show a piece of history that may be foreign to American readers.

The book drags along at times with too much information that is not necessary to the story.  But it was overall readable and somewhat enjoyable.  I think the biggest irritant was calling it after a beloved classic.  It’s not the same story.

Recommended:  6th grade and up



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