Almost Astronauts by Tanya Lee Stone

4 Feb

Almost Astronauts

Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream

Copyright: 2009

In 1957 the USSR launched Sputnik.  In 1958, NASA was created and the Mercury 7 – seven male test pilots – were the first American astronauts.  They were heroes.

In 1960, women joined in the training.  Winner of the Robert F. Siebert Medal, this book tells the story of the thirteen women who were not astronauts, they were more.  These women underwent the same testing, the same training and had the same drive as the men.  They never achieved their goal, but they made the way for others like Eileen Collins, first woman commander of a space shuttle. 

This book is loaded with pictures and personal stories.  The words fly off the page as you travel with them through the astronaut training.  They never became astronauts.  Not one.  But, they made the difference for all the other women who dare to dream.

Recommended Grades 5 & up


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