The Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

27 Feb

cover14175-smallThe Gift by Andrea J. Buchanan

(via NetGalley)

Daisy has moved schools frequently, but she’s really just trying to fit in.  Okay, so only her best friend knows she lives in a trailer.  And, maybe she has a little problem with electrical components like cell phones, etc.  The electrical surge in her tends to fry the electronics.  It’s weird, but the really weird is when she discovers Vivi trying to overdose to get to her ghost lover.  Daisy, her best friend Danielle, and Vivi are tied together dealing with a ghost.  A real ghost who uses Daisy’s “gift” of electricity to “break through”.  But everything is not what it seems.  The handsome senior, Kevin, is interested in Daisy. Vivi has a ghost boyfriend and Danielle’s on the outside.  Yet, there’s more that ties the three girls together.  Can Daisy get control of her “gift” in time to make a difference?  Does Daisy have what it takes?

This is a fast paced book that handles the pathos that is high school while exploring the ties that bind over times or even over lifetimes.

Recommended: Grades 7+


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