Spellbinding by Maya Gold

24 Mar


Spellbinding by Maya Gold

(via NetGalley)

Publication Date: April 2013

Abby Silva is a normal high school junior in a normal high school.  In other words, she’s invisible.  Other than a few (or one) close friend, the others ignore her.  Teachers may  notice her and trust her, but its not going to happen in school.

But Abby has dreams.  Dreams of drowning.  She’s afraid of water and has never learned to swim even living on the coast.  Bridges freak her out.  She’s driven to visit Salem, Massachusetts.  And, with a school assignment to trace her ancestors, she heads there.  Of course, odd things are going to happen because it turns out Abby is just turning into a witch.  And the gorgeous guy with the incredible eyes, knows she is too.

High school is rough, but when you add in a new serious girl-friend for dad, strange changes going on, the mandatory crush on the high school football jock and some evil force trying to force your hand, you have a great story.

I really enjoyed this book, but I could have predicted the “love potion” part of the story.  It is a little too cliched.  And the evil forces aren’t clear why their evil – if we believe in reincarnation, they weren’t evil to begin with.  But the story moves along and the ending is well done.   You read it and give me your opinion.

Recommended: Grades 7 & up


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