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UNRemembered by Jessica Brody

28 Apr



UNRemembered by Jessica Brody

Published 2013
Via Little Shop of Stories

We all know that a person can lose their memories over a bad event.  But Jane Doe a.k.a. Violet a.k.a. Sera didn’t just lose her memories in the airline crash.  She doesn’t know her own name.  But she also doesn’t know anything.  She doesn’t know what a cell phone is, never heard of the internet, and has no idea that she should knock before entering a room.  Her memories are gone.

Violet goes with a foster family and discovers amazing abilities while still crippled in a confusing world.  But before she leaves the hospital,  HE comes to her.  He knows about the locket.  Can she trust this stranger in a world that doesn’t make sense?  As she pieces together the truth of who she is, she finds that THEY control your memories, but they can’t control love.  THEY want her back, but she remembers the sonnet.  Will she solve the riddle or will they erase her again?

This is an exciting story that races through to determine what memory is real and how a locket can hold a different type of key.


Recommended: Grades 6 & up.



Cold Case by Julia Platt Leonard

14 Apr

Cold Case

Cold Case by Julia Platt Leonard

Copyright 2011

Oz’s big brother is annoying, much older, and domineering.  But when Oz finds a body in the family restaurant and his brother is accused of the murder, Oz knows he needs to handle it.  With Oz’s best friend, Rusty, the pair of 13 year olds set out to solve the mystery.  Just to complicate things, Oz’s dad, who died before he was born, is a part of the case.  Did his dad commit treason?  Who killed the reporter in the icebox in the restaurant with the picture in the hotel taped under the drawer?  Can Oz and Rusty solve the case?

The chapters are very short, easy to read and the story moves well.  I heard Anthony Horowitz (author of the Alex Rider series) say that in order to have the best stories, the first thing you should do is kill off the parents.  A kid can’t have a good adventure with adults in the way.  Well, Oz doesn’t have a dad, his mom’s in another country, and his brother’s in jail.  It’s time for Oz to solve the case.

Recommended: Grades 5+


Teen Boat! by Dave Roman and John Green

14 Apr




Teen Boat! by Dave Roman and John Green

The Angst of Being a Teen, The Thrill of Being a Boat!

Copyright 2012


When people ask librarians “where do you find your books?”, we have all sorts of answers.  Trade magazines, online previews, NetGalley, book reviews from School Library Journal, Booklist, Horn Books and others, recommendations from other librarians and I love the Unshelved Book Club.  It’s eclectic with something for everyone.  I read this review in January, and decided to buy the book for my library.

With the arrival this past week of almost $10,000 worth of new books, I am happily devouring the ones I had not yet read myself.

Teen Boat is a graphic novel of a teenage boy who can turn into a small yacht.  Handy if you’re planning a party at sea.  It is silly.  But each short story has a beautiful graphic cover, an adventure, a teenage boy problem, a water problem, and other school anxiety issues.  See if you can spot the Little Mermaid story.  Besides the superhero(?) issues, Teen Boat’s best friend isn’t all what he thinks either.  Admittedly, I have a daughter studying in Italy this year, so I did use my translation program to make sure of what his best friend is called.

This is a weird, fun, punable book.  Try it out yourself!

Recommended: Grades 5+