UNRemembered by Jessica Brody

28 Apr



UNRemembered by Jessica Brody

Published 2013
Via Little Shop of Stories

We all know that a person can lose their memories over a bad event.  But Jane Doe a.k.a. Violet a.k.a. Sera didn’t just lose her memories in the airline crash.  She doesn’t know her own name.  But she also doesn’t know anything.  She doesn’t know what a cell phone is, never heard of the internet, and has no idea that she should knock before entering a room.  Her memories are gone.

Violet goes with a foster family and discovers amazing abilities while still crippled in a confusing world.  But before she leaves the hospital,  HE comes to her.  He knows about the locket.  Can she trust this stranger in a world that doesn’t make sense?  As she pieces together the truth of who she is, she finds that THEY control your memories, but they can’t control love.  THEY want her back, but she remembers the sonnet.  Will she solve the riddle or will they erase her again?

This is an exciting story that races through to determine what memory is real and how a locket can hold a different type of key.


Recommended: Grades 6 & up.



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