What Are You Trying?

8 May

I came back from Fulton’s Technology Leadership Forum having seen and learned about software products I knew, software products I’ve heard about AND stuff I had never seen.  A success!

So, the goal this summer is try as many things as possible and see what may work in the curriculum.

One teacher suggested using iPiccy for photo editing.  It’s fun.  It’s cool. You can mess with your own photograph or grab an internet image.   And imagine where a student has to grab an image for vocabulary and gets to create something interesting looking.

Here’s another idea: take a photo, record your voice giving a talk, speech, or information about a subject and use Blabberize to make the mouth move and your voice come out.  It’s silly.  Sometimes even a middle school needs silly.

I want to do more with Poetry here and I did not organize or manage it this year.  Next year, I am definitely going to try getting students to write poems and use Tagxedo to make them look interesting.  I think the advantage of the image will help motivate and inspire.  It does for me.

I have used and recommend using Prezi (online presentation software), Edumodo (Connecting people in Fulton Co. Schools), Animoto (online animation software) and Libguides.

The item that has me most excited about the possibilities with students is using SimpleBooklet.  Students can create an e-book.  I can see this happening in any class including the library.  Students can put together an introduction to the school and library.  They can put together an individual, team or class book on a specific assignment.  We will start this summer with a SimpleBooklet for the library.  Look for it later in the summer.

What are you using that’s really cool for school?


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