Girls & Monsters by Anne Michaud

26 May


Girls & Monsters

by Anne Michaud

via NetGalley

Published: April 2013


For those who enjoy the macabre, this set of short stories is for you.  It’s not uplifting or happy, but it is scary.  And very weird.  In the first story, Death Song, the sea creature is like an evil siren.  But the intense story does not explain much and does not do history well and does not have a satisfying end.

The second story is Black Dog and I am not sure I like the message in the story that includes cutting as a solution, fear of dogs, genetic disorders and a tragic end.

There are a total of five short stories and if you enjoy the scary paranormal and are not looking for happy endings, then this is the book.  There a number of books in my library I do not enjoy but keep for others.  I don’t think I’ll bother with this one.

Grades 7 & up



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