Max Flash, Mission 1: Game On by Jonny Zucker

26 May


Max Flash
Mission 1: Game On

By: Jonny Zuckerission
Illustrated by: Ned Woodman

(via NetGalley)
U.S. Publication Date: November 1, 2013

Max Flash works with his parents, the stage magicians.  He’s double-jointed and can twist into all sorts of crazy places.  But when he finds out his parents are also secret agents of a secret department, life gets weird.  DFEA or Department of Extraordinary Activity recruits Max to stop a lizard character from the latest video game from getting out of the video and into our world.

It’s a billion-to-1 chance, but the video game slime beast has gone missing – and wound up in the real world.  He’s back in the video game and its up to Max to find the portal and close it and get out alive.  Easy.  And he doesn’t have to do homework this weekend if he gets the job done.

Max is new to the United States, but not to the United Kingdom.  Originally published in 2007, Max Flash has five books now.  It’s fun, it’s fast-paced and easy to read.  Max should be hit with third graders everywhere.

Recommended: Grades 3-5



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