The Arab World Thought Of It by Saima Hussain

26 May

61EvicYmBFL._SY300_The Arab World Thought Of It

By: Saima Hussain
(via NetGalley)

Publication Date: February 2013

The Arabs were the center of learning and civilization at one point in the world.  And the contributions to our current society are mind-boggling.  In this beautiful picture book, it mentions things like astronomy, free public school, ink pens and calligraphy as just a few contributions from the Arab world.  The book is laid out with gorgeous photographs and timelines to help explain the history.  There is a two-page introduction to Islam, which is vital to understanding the society.

One of my disappointments, was the lack of women.  While the author acknowledges that there are important contributions by Arab women, the book only has one page of it.  The book is short on details, but that’s not the point.  There is a page of further reading at the end that will provide more details.  This is a great introduction to the subject.

Recommended: Grades 5 & up



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