Will In Scarlet by Matthew Cody

23 Jul
Will in Scarlet

Will in Scarlet


Will in Scarlet: The Boy Behind the Robin Hood Legend
by Matthew Cody

Publication Date: October 8, 2013
Random House Children’s Books

via NetGalley

I’ve read a lot of Robin Hood books, but this one is exceptionally fun.  Rather than focus on Robin, the book focuses on young Will Shackley.

At 13, Will grows up quickly.  He goes from being a terror in his own castle bent on making mischief to an outlaw bent on revenge.  It all beings when Will finds himself suddenly in a political battle where he’s the bait.  His uncle, the regent, is killed.  Prince John, Sir Guy and the Sheriff of Nottingham try to haul Will to prison but he escapes.  Much the Miller’s daughter / son helps Will along with all the Merry Men including Little John.

The Merry Men are not very “merry” to begin with but with Will’s ingenuity and Robin’s outlook “someone will try to kill us before the day is through”, the story runs through Sherwood Forest with great abandon.  Enjoy!

Side note: Matthew Cody also wrote Powerless and Super.

Recommended: Grades 4-8




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