Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst

5 Aug

conjuredConjured by Sarah Beth Durst

Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers Publication Date: September 3, 2013

Eve doesn’t remember anything.  Not her name.  Not how to do everyday things.  But she’s under Witness Protection.  Her life’s in danger and she knows that because Malcom and “Aunt Nikki” keeps telling her.  Sound like a familiar amnesiac story?  Here’s the catch: Eve is fine until she does magic, has a horrifying vision and then her short-term memory resets again.  Days or weeks may pass while Eve loses the memory of it all.  Magic?  But the world doesn’t have magic.  Visions?  Carnivals and the Storyteller and the Magician.  Stressed between the worlds, Eve doesn’t know who to believe or what to think. Zach takes Eve as she comes and for the first time, Eve makes a personal connection.  Part mystery, part thriller, part fairy tale, part romance, part nightmare, the book moves along quickly despite all the strands and they pull together to make a great story. Recommended: Grade 7 & up


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