Quick Tips: Show Them What You Mean

10 Nov

So you may not have a sophisticated broadcast system or SMART board or LCD projector, but you still want to show kids what it looks like.  You may grab screenshots (on the PCs it’s using <SHIFT><PrtScn>) or use your camera/phone/tablet to take a picture of the screen.  If it’s more than you want to show, use something like Paint to crop the picture to exactly what you’re intending to show.

You can now get fancy – using good ‘ol PowerPoint or anything else you find.  Insert the picture into PowerPoint, add arrows, pointers, comments.  Then, if you can’t show PowerPoint on your board or you just need to print, you can always do a SAVE AS… to a “jpeg”.  It will actually save each slide as a separate picture file.  Now use your pictures any way you want.  Upload, put them in Animoto, send them to Edmodo, or find the perfect app for you.

Don’t look at your technology as limiting – use what you have to explore the possibilities!  When in doubt, ask a student.  They may have great suggestions.


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