Towering by Alex Flinn

20 Nov



Towering by Alex Flinn

Copyright 2013

I admit that I’ve been busy and haven’t kept up with releases of favorite authors.  (I hesitate to admit that I haven’t read the latest Riordan but the Thanksgiving holidays will take care of that!)  Still, I found Towering at the DeKalb Public Library and grabbed it.

Wyatt lost his two best friends and goes to live with a woman whose daughter was his mother’s best friend.  Got it?  In a separate story, Rachel is left to live in a tower by herself – no way out, of course, and no real connection to the real world.  She doesn’t even know who “Mama” is.  Wyatt hears her sing when no one else can.  And Rachel recognizes him from her dreams.  And her hair grows magically at certain times.

I really like Alex Flinn’s twists on fairy tales though Beastly may still be my favorite.  So reading about Rapunzel (or Rachel in this version) had to have some interesting twist.  It did.  And, I hesitate to say it, but it twisted the fairy tale out of reality.  Okay, I know that sounds weird, but the story doesn’t stay plausible even in terms of a fairy tale.

I think the saddest part of the whole story was the letter from Rachel’s mother to her daughter.  I can’t imagine so short a life with no purpose or accomplishment except to give birth to the One.

As harsh as the criticism is, the reality is that I will purchase a copy for my library.  The book is still very readable.  And it may turn out that middle schoolers aren’t nearly as picky with details as I am.  I’ll let them decide.

Note: there is an understated evil theme of giving drugs to unsuspecting people.

Recommended for grades 7 & up



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