The Girl on Fire

28 Nov

Catching FireThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I am a Suzanne Collins fan.  Yes, I read all three books.  Yes, I saw and enjoyed the first movie.  Yes, I did reread the book within the last month – just to get ready.  And, yes, I finally saw “Catching Fire” on the big screen.

YES – You should go see it!  The movie stays amazing close to the story of the book.  I believe that all of Johanna’s lines  (played by Jena Malone) may be directly out of the book – word for word.  I like the addition of President Snow’s granddaughter to sum up the feelings in the capital.  Is it in the book?  No.  But you can’t put everything in the movie so they did a great job capturing the emotions.

This book spends a good bit of time setting up the situation in the districts and how district 12 is faring.  The movie does a good job explaining it too.  In the Hunger Game arena, they follow the book and it is really well done.

Rated: PG-13 for violence.  I think they bleep out Johanna’s cursing. <grin>


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