Sidekicked by John David Anderson

1 Jan

ImageSidekicked by John David Anderson

HarperCollins Publishers
Copyright 2013

One of the responsibilities I have as a middle school librarian, and winner of the YALSA Top Ten Teen Book Giveaway, is to make sure that all of the books are appropriate for our particular library.   It’s a tough job to read them all, but I can handle it.  If not, I will ship them off to our closest high school.  The sad reality is that not every library can hold every book and not every book is appropriate in every library.  That said, I always encourage students to read what they want to read – and if need be, I’ll borrow from the high school for them.

The reality is that I’ve read a number of the books already.  So I started off with a few books that looked interesting.  Sidekicked caught my eye because of the completely different book Sidekicks by Jack D. Ferraiolo (copyright 2011).  Drew is part of a secret organization for training future superheroes – sidekicks – at the local middle school.  The organization is the Highview Environmental Revitalization Organization (H.E.R.O.) uses a secret passageway in the teachers’ lounge.  (I always knew there was something special hidden in the teachers’ lounge.)  Drew doesn’t seem to have the coolest super power ever.  He’s got a supersensitive nose  and ears.  He can’t fight well, or life heavy things or turn into a stone person like Gavin.   And his superhero is ignoring him.  Even if he gets into trouble by a supervillain, the superhero doesn’t show up.  It’s a little frustrating.  Drew’s best friend, and fellow sidekick, is Jenna.  Her superhero is the Fox.  She’s wonderful, supportive, and a true hero.

When an old supervillain reemerges, the superheroes start disappearing.  Drew’s relationship with Jenna is changing and nothing is right.  Drew has to solve the problem and find the right solution.

“Sometimes I don’t think there really is a good and bad… At least not the way we were always taught. Sometimes I just think there are choices and consequences.”

HIGHLY Recommended: Grades 5 & up.


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