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Things I Learned from Twitter (Recently)

25 May

Share this with your students & teachers. From the author of xkcd and what if, is this great TED Talk entitled Comics That Ask What If: >20140525-151733-55053544.jpg


I love weird ideas for sharing books, especially with middle schoolers. How do I get students to (a) get excited about books in general and (b) ebooks in specific?


It’s Never Too Late to Become a Connected Educator
1. Initial Exploration
2. Exploring Connections
3. Applying Online Learning
4. Increasing Online Presence
5. Participating to Grow

Why You Should Use Video in Education
If you’ve never tried it, you’ll be shocked by how much the students will be engaged. Show videos, make videos, share videos and your students will become fully engaged.

What’s the worst thing that can happen when using #edtech in a classroom?


Twitter for Teachers

Teacher’s Guide to Teaching with Social Media