Zodiac Legacy: Convergence by Stan Lee & Stuart Moore

31 May


Zodiac Legacy: Convergence
Book One

By Stan Lee & Stuart Moore
Published: Disney Enterprises, 2015

Asian-American 14 year old Steven Lee is on a school trip to Hong Kong.  He hears his tour guide cry and follows her to secret cavern under the museum.  Steven finds himself in a the middle of an on-going war between Maxwell and the Vanguard versus Carlos and Jasmine involving the powers of the Chinese Zodiac.  Steven is a Tiger and indeed assumes the power of the Tiger.  Now he’s life is about to get interesting.  Now to find the others with the powers of the Zodiac.

The book zooms through fights, adventures, teamwork and keeps on going.  Some how, during the fights, no one is permanently hurt but the tension builds to a surprise ending.  Book Two: The Dragon’s Return is due out on October 27, 2015.

This book was on the end of the year Scholastic Book Fair.  The cover and inside drawings by Andie Tong draw you inside the book.  The name “Stan Lee” on the outside – THE Stan Lee of Marvel Comics – makes you take the book off the shelf.  But what made me purchase it might surprise you.  The inside book cover description says “And then there’s the Vanguard, the corrupt organization in the middle of a dangerous ritual to harness those powers.”  As a member of my school district’s Vanguard Team, that phrase alone made the book irresistible.  I’m torn as a reader between rooting for Steven and wondering if I’m a member of the evil, power-hungry Vanguard.  Fun!

Recommended:  Ages 8-13.


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