E-Reading vs. Audio Books: Make Me

18 Jul

  Make Me by Lee Child
Book 20 in the Series
Published by Delacorte Press
Publication Release: September 8, 2015

Thanks to the folks at NetGalley, I had an opportunity to read the 20th book in the Jack Reacher series, Make Me. What is particularly cool about this opportunity is that I have never read a Jack Reacher book.  Instead, I listen to them.

Several years ago when I switched jobs, I started commuting about 45 min. one way.  I decided to seriously try audio books to make the trip more enjoyable.  I read a great deal of young adult books and made the second decision that I would start with an adult mystery that I had never read.  The Killing Floor is the first of the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  The voice of Dick Hill brings Reacher to life and believe me, Reacher is larger than life.  Reacher is a man who spent most of his life in the military, having been born there.  He is big, strong and very, very smart.  He has a perfect memory and perfect discipline.

In Make Me, Reacher stops in another small town (Mother’s Rest) to learn its name.  Curiosity and the freedom to have nothing but time on his hands lets him meet a woman and take on the mystery of the her missing partner.  Really, there’s nothing here but it just doesn’t add up.  In this book, Reacher travels by plane more than he ever has.  He collects a gun, loses the gun to travel, gets another, etc.  The ex-FBI woman, Michelle Chang, is fairly competetant too.  But it’s Reacher’s magic of putting pieces together that lead them back to the town of Mother’s Rest.

When I get the audio book, it takes me 2 1/2  weeks to listen to the whole thing.  I don’t listen on every drive and only during the commute, but listening takes a long time.  Still I associate the voice of Dick Hill with Jack Reacher’s voice and enjoy it tremendously.  When I’m reading, it only takes a fraction of the time.  I read the book on my iPad in about 3 hours.  Strangely, I didn’t “hear” Jack Reacher’s voice until we got to the repeating line in the book.  Every Reacher novel has one.  Once, the line was “And Reacher said nothing.”  It must have been repeated 50 times in that story.  It was an intimidating tack.  This also has a repeating line and it’s a little different than usual “..the Moynahan who had gotten hit in the head and his gun taken.”  Since Reacher takes guns all the time, I’m not sure why this line matters so much.

The other oddity in the story is when Reacher decides to get some guns and cash.  Rather than explain that he wants guns and cash, or explain to his partner, Ms. Chang, what he is doing, he just does it with her help.  And she does all the right things.  I feel like I missed a step here.  How does she know just what to do? Being ex-FBI doesn’t mean you collect money Reacher’s way.  It’s odd, like Mr. Child forgot to fill in some details.

Reacher doesn’t forget anything and he follows the mystery to its destructive ending.  The series reigns on because Reacher is a man who understands people and the world around him.  He’s honorable.  And he’s more than willing to act as an Avenging Angel.

I don’t read every word when I’m reading but I hear every word in the audio book.  I enjoyed the book but I wonder if I’ll enjoy the audio book more.  I’ll find out when it becomes available.

Recommended: Adults.


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