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Saven Deception by Siobhan Davis

2 Jan

saven-deceptionSaven: Deception

The Saven Series #1
by Siobhan Davis
Publication Date: 12/15/2015

In the future, the Earth is teeming with people who are tattooed at birth to determine their position in society.  The lower class (the stars) are removed from school at thirteen and start working at a low level job.  They are not allowed to marry and only 10% of their population is allowed to have children to maintain the future workers.  In this society, 17 yr old Saven puts her name in for the Experimento – a government experiment of living beneath the ocean.  Of course, the entire thing is a deception.

This is a science fiction thriller. Saven finds the true love we all dream of; a connection between two people that is strong and overcomes all obstacles and others can see it.  Except that true love doesn’t keep secrets from each other and both Saven and Logan have secrets aplenty.

I enjoyed the story though more than once I wondered why the author kept adding complications.  And as Saven learned secrets, she didn’t pull away from Logan.  And the problems in Logan’s society don’t make a great deal of sense knowing that Neve and Hayden do not act like that.  It’s confusing, but entertaining.

Recommended: Grades 7 & up