The Holders by Julianna Scott

7 Feb

theholdersThe Holders

By: Julianna Scott

Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Publication Date: March 5, 2013

One of the interesting things (and there are many) of converting your library from alphabetically by author’s last name to genres is what you discover when you take every book off the shelf.

In this case, this book caught my eye.  I had already touched it and slapped a sticker on it for Fantasy because the blurb said something about powers.  But then I decided to take it home and read it.

Seventeen year old Becca is the number one protector of her ten year old brother, Ryland.  Her mother does not seem to have the energy to do it.  Becca is a prodigy without a direction.  She graduated high school at 15 but works as a waitress because she doesn’t want to leave Ry.  When two men come from her despised father in Ireland to take Ryland there, Becca will only allow it if she joins him for a short period.  The special school and the secret group with special powers is only the start.  The young man named Alex is both soothing and annoying.  Ryland takes to the place like a duck to water.  So where does that leave Becca, his protector?  And, despite her best efforts, Becca is falling for Alex.  But when the secret group decide to test Ryland to see if he has the foreshadowed fable powers to defeat the dark, everything goes awry.  What is Becca’s role and where does Alex fit in?

I thoroughly enjoyed this tale.  As I started reading I realized I need to change the genre to Science Fiction.  And I am changing it’s genre designation to Romance.  Because despite all of the science fiction-ish stuff, it’s the relationships that move the story along.  And they are really lovely relationships.

Recommended: Grades 6 & up



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