Fourth World by Lyssa Chiavari

15 Feb

  Fourth World

By Lyssa Chiavari

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publication Date: December 29, 2015

Isaak lives on Mars with his mother and little sister.  His dad disappeared and his mother thinks it was to leave her.  Isaak misses his father and has a coin that he gave him.  Isaak’s on a field trip to an archeological dig sees an archway that matches what’s on his father’s coin.  Exactly matches his coin.  Isaak and his friends start working at the dig and trying to learn more about the arch.  But the government does not want him there.  Just what is the government hiding?

A whole lot!  In a race to escape from the government officials chasing him, Isaak activates one of the arches and travels to another planet at a another time.  In the new world, Isaak discovers even more government control.  How big is this secret and how can the two societies survive?  Is it even a new world?  Where and when is Isaak and how can he get home?

This is a fun story that moves along with teen relationships, mysteries, and big controlling governments.  The ending may surprise you!  The first in a trilogy.

Highly Recommended: Grades 6+


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