Woman Rebel by P. Bagge

4 Jul

WomanRebelMainWoman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story
By Peter Bagge

Publishers: Drawn & Quarterly
Publication Date: 2013

One of my recent scores at the American Library Association (I have over 40 books to read!) is a copy of the graphic novel Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story.

Peter Bagge is an experienced comic artist with several book series and other interesting items.  He tells the story of Margaret Sanger, birth control advocate, as a real person with virtues and faults.  The cover, which is not told within the story, is of the time Margaret Sanger was prohibited from speaking by the mayor.  Her solution was to go on stage with a gag and have someone else read the speech she had written.  Her story is an amazing one.  She may not be someone you want to sit down and talk with but she is someone every person, men and women alike, should be glad she was there and took on the unspeakable.

Due to some of her faults (adultery), I have to recommend this for high school and up, instead of middle school.

Recommended: 10th Grade +



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