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The Takedown: Who do you trust?

4 Mar

thetakedownThe Takedown

By: Corrie Wang

Publisher: Freeform Books, an imprint of Disney
Date: April 2017

“I’ll warn you in advance. You’re probably not gonna like me.” (page 1)

With those two sentences, the book begins in and just a few lines later, Kyla Cheng explains that you leave high school either scarred or worshipped.  On page 2, she concludes that you only leave high school one way.

In the near future, where the state controls some aspects of everyone’s technology, Kyla Cheng is a 17 year old, beautiful young woman who has everything.  She is  valedictorian of her high school class at an exclusive school.  She is class president and the hottest guy in school is her best friend.  But she isn’t nice.  She’s aware of her looks, her leadership and uses it to control her world.  But when a video goes viral showing her having sex with a teacher, her world breaks apart.

It’s not her in the video, but how can she prove it?  Who believes her?  Are her closest friends part of it or her only support group?  The principal becomes the enemy whose only concern is for school, not the victim.  In fact, there is amazing amount of lack of support for the victim.  Her friends support, then avoid, then support, then…

To be honest, there is so much packed in the book, that I was surprised to realize that the entire book takes place in two short, intense weeks. Corrie Wang takes the reader on a steady pace thriller of whodunit with a dash of what is and isn’t real in the online world.  As much as the reader wants to help Kyla solve the problem, at the same time, she really isn’t likable.  But she is vulnerable.  Can you survive in the future without technology?  Can you survive in the future with technology?

Recommended: Grades 9 & up